Meeting Rooms

Entrepreneurship is in the air at Collab Cubicles Private Limited, and our Meeting Rooms in Bangalore make the perfect places for this vibe to rub off on you. As with all of our workspaces, this option comes with our full range of benefits and facility amenities. Join our energetic and vibrant community and find a home for you and your business.

Collab Cubicles Meeting Rooms in Bangalore are facilitated to fulfill your requirements for a disruption-free meeting.

You can conduct your business meeting at our spaces and make a professional mark on your future clients and groups. We provide you with various additional benefits which you can use when you are renting our spaces. We also guide you through your needs in case of any doubts or confusion during the booking of the meeting rooms.

To deliver the highest standards of safety and hygiene for the community, we have designed our cleaning protocols and guidelines in coherence with the Covid-19 guidelines suggested by WHO and other credible health organizations.

Benefits of Choosing

  • Zero brokerage. No booking Fees.No Markup. Best Price
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Peaceful and comfortable ambiance
  • Increased productivity to get some work done
  • Meaningful connections with your team
  • Great way to find a space when working on the move
  • Assistance and guidance while booking of private offices
  • Additional support from the working staff


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